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The following are features that wedding couples can choose to add to their dance lessons; none of the following is a must include. Besides giving dance lessons toward the wedding dance, if desired I will customize a plan according to what it is required by the bride & groom for their special day. Here is a list of things you can ask me for your wedding:

Find the perfect Song!
-If you are insecure about the choice of song, I will help you pick up the right one for you.
-If desired I will also edit the chosen song to a shorter version without interrupting the fluidity of the song - in a similar way you see it at DWTS, the song is usually edited down to 90 seconds as it maintains a beginning middle and end throughout.
-If you choose not to edit the song than I can help you spot the parts that requires choreography from the parts that can be used for theatrics, such as asking the bride to dance or getting to the dance floor etc.

Mother, Father & You: Dance!
-Father & Bride dance;
-Mother & Groom dance;
-The dynamics on how this should happen: for example the parents dance and the bride dance can be merged together within an edited song or it can delivered in a complete different setting altogether. The possibilities are several and I will help lead to a perfect choice for YOU.


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