Q:  Where are the lessons held?
A:  In Manhattan, either in a private closed-door room at a dance studio in midtown or, if you feel more comfortable and if in the city, at your place as well.
Q:  We are a couple getting married soon and would love to learn a dance routine for our favorite song. How many sessions would we need?
A: The answer varies. It really depends on many factors. You ARE in complete control of how many lessons you might need to master the dance. My unique method is catered around your needs, reason why if interested in working with me, a consultation over the phone is crucial for me to understand how to help you. 
If budget sensitive, in order to master the dance with the fewest amount of lessons possible, you should practice in between sessions (I'll guide you, I'll explain when we'll talk).
To keep you in your budget, I can maximize our time together. I won't ask you to nail things - that require mere repetition - on the spot. Once I make sure you understood what I break down for you, I'll leave you with all the covered material (all in video on your phone) for you to practice at home and build muscle memory. If  you practice, you can nail even a complex routine in as little as 3 to 5 classes.
Some clients have called too close to wedding day. Mastering the dance with little time led me to develop an effective method. If you trust me and follow my directions, we can make it all happen while HAVING FUN in the process. This journey should be fun, MUST be fun. I pride to keep it fun even when there is some struggle. Seeing clients go from nothing to a fully realized dance is exciting every single time. (See pictures below to have a sense of how fun the process actually is - again I post picture with clients permission)
Q:  In order to have detailed informations, is it better to call 917 297 9392 or email Iknowyoucandance@gmail.com?
A: The best way to get accurate informations about your customized process - including budget - is with a phone call.
Emails are possible too of course, but to give you a thorough and precise assessment on what you might need, calling is by far way more productive than the time consuming email tagging. 
Through a brief phone call, I get to understand about you and serve you better. I also have questions for you too:  song choice, its possible edits, possible merging of more than one song together, wants, fears, would there be a band playing the song, or would the track be played by a DJ and so forth. Your answers would effect the ultimate approach of your unique process and therefore also the amount of lessons needed. 
Every couple is a unique experience. I do not cookie cut this VERY PERSONAL moment, so understanding who you are and what you want is important and I can only do that through a dialogue. I receive many emails asking pricing and packages everyday and I want to quickly answer all the inquiries but I don't always have the time to do that through typing on my keyboard. 
I work with heart and soul. Hearing a voice leads me to begin understanding yours.  It is only during a call, that I get to begin to understand YOU and how I can mold the process for YOU.  The unique YOU. I am aware clients trust me with shaping something very personal and important. I don't take that lightly and give all of me to each and every couple. 
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