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Event Hosting Services


Get the right person for the occasion with event hosting services from Sandro! He provides serious or comedic hosting depending on your event and requirements.


Years of experience in stand up clubs and interactive shows such as “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” gives Sandro the ability to quickly adjust to a crowd and find balance in pace and entertainment while giving the right focus on the general celebration or celebrated person.


He is also available and willing to meet prior to the event to plan specific elements of surprise or special scenarios. It takes just a little focus in order to commit to theatrics that can make a regular event a particularly fun one that will not be easily forgotten! Sandro prides to adjust to whatever given scenario or crowd and deliver accordingly. To please his clients is a task he takes on with great passion and commitment.


Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Ballroom Dance Shows,  Presentations  &  More!

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